How to buy and use an air purifier

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air purifier is one tool that is very useful because currently the air around us is indeed not so good. This is caused by the amount of smoke from factories or vehicles both cars and motorcycles.

This is the reason why we must install an air purifier. But it would be nice if you do the research, especially in addition to resetting the most important thing again is how to operate it correctly in accordance with the SOP, in addition to resetting the most important thing again is how to operate it correctly in accordance with the existing SOP.

1. Choosing the right location

Choosing a location becomes very important, to install an air cleaner. Therefore you should place a few meters from the wall or other obstructions.

different sizes make you have to adjust to the room to be fitted by air purifiers.

2. Put it in the right direction

If you have a lot of room and the room is classified as big, then you must pay attention to good air circulation. Air circulation must be in accordance with the direction of the wind so that when the wind is large does not go in the opposite direction which makes the air more dirty.

3. Always turn on the air purifier

If in your family there are some people who have bad habits such as smokers or there are indications that they have a disease such as asthma, then you must turn on the air purifier all the time.

You don’t need to worry if you continue to use the equipment. This will keep your air clean. And of course we know that clean air is much better when compared to dirty air.

4. Don’t open the door or window

if you install an air purifier then the health protocol that you must do is to keep your door or window closed.

This aims to keep the air inside the room clean and not mixed with dust from outside the room or motor vehicle fumes.

5. Change the air purifier filter regularly

if you want to buy an air purifier then make sure the carbon filter equipment and defenses are available in the device. This aims so that dust that gets caught on the carbon filter can be cleaned. will stay awake.

Thus the short information that I can convey, hopefully this information can make it easier for you to choose products or air cleaning devices.

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